crystal power

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crystals come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are living organisms.

Crystals regarded by many people for healing purpose and some for spiritual properties. Some wears it for its beauty while others wears it for safety when traveling. Crystal are a living energy and its affect us because our life had our own energy force and points that refer as chakras. All people have seven major charkas and all had its its specific functions.

During the early days people used it for healing and mystical paranorma its magical healing l powers and the belief is still use until today by some people for telling the future. Today crystal are used by people to heal auras in aura therapy. Crystals come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are living organisms.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Crystal has its power for many things

During the olden days ancient people used crystal to heal and to protect as their believed crystal has the power and their also used crystal to tells the future of ones life. Crystal are believed to be scared gift from our mother earth of its beauty and its great power. Today's most people place crystal at its home or vehicles as protection.

Crystal today are used to make chandlier and are place in many home and hotels because of its beauty when the light is on. Crystal are used for quartz because of its unique. Crystals are used by healers to help realign chakras, they can assist the healing process, Crystals can enhance, promote and help bring in chosen energies


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crystal has magical healing powers

Crystal are said to have magical healing powers and most people who believes and wears crystal as protection from evils things while some used it as a power of telling peoples future, besides it helps to heal peoples with emotional healing, stress, self expression and for meditation purpose but there was no scientific evidence to goes with it. Crystal comes from a variety of geometrical shapes due to their internal compressions and are used in todays modern technology.

In today's modern home most Asian peoples will decorated their home or office
with crystal of various shape and colors. Their believes that crystal as its power to drive away spirits in the home and brings in luck and energy for good health and happiness to their home. More and more people started to believe in feng shui and will go through the feng shui books to place the crystal power to the direction where the crystal must be place. In office most crystal was place at the center or side of the entrance to bring in good business.

Another saying that crystals has it power of healing because is its close affinity to our body elementals and to the earth which build the energy of our base chakra at the base of the spine where most people have depleted due to inherent weakness, stress, low immune system defenses, negative thought and emotions.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the power of crystal

Crystals are said to had its power for healing and proctection. Some people keep crystal for its beauty and decoration while some keep crystal for luck. Crystal to many who believe in feng shui will put crystal in their that sued to their live energy.

Crystal is best to place in south west postion to get the relection of sunlight and to balance the flow of energy to the house.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

More people beleive in crystal power

To many people today and even during the ancient times, peoples known that crystal has the power to heal and protect people. With its beauty most people will have a crystal in his house. Those who believe in feng shui will definate had a crystal in their new house to get rid of evils things and besides people believes it will change their life for the better.

Many women wears crystals today because of its beauty and simply wear them as a piece of jewellery. Some wear them as a protection, love and luck. Many believe that wearing crystal will guide them away from problems and evils and some will get the best and the expensive crystal and place them in a feng shui direction just for luck. Crystal has so many good uses that more and more people start to believe in crystal and its power.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

choosing the right crystal for your own wear

Crystals are Mother Earth's gifts to us and it has been used for a thousand years before and are a living energy. Crystal are said to have its own power as people used it as a healing, meditation and protection and of other uses such as decoration and some combine it with other jewerlly to make it looks beautiful.

As our lives have energy force that called chakras and we have seven major chakras and each has its specific function and most healers used crystal to help realign chakras for healing process. Crystal has it own fuction like for example, diamonds is an amplifier and purifie, Emeralds helps to turn into positively from negativity.
As you can observe crystal lovers will know what kinds of crystal sued them best and what them want to place in their home or office. Like if he want strengthen then he will wear or place rubies (red), blue ( topazes) bring clarity and green (jade) for emotional, gold for courage, and black deflects negativity, white ( diamonds) amplifier and purifier. If you drawn to that one crystal that is your best choose when choosing the right crystal.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Crystals is a formed of living energy

Crystals is a formed of living energy called chakras which has its own energy force. It's types of crystal has its own crystal power which we can use it to access specific energies whether that be for healing, meditation, protection, understanding or predition that are most use by ancient time to tell story of one people life. In ancients time crystal are used to design and decorated temple.

Crystals can enhance, promote and help bring in chosen energies, crystal has its own functions such as Emeralds helps to turn negativity into positively in one person life, Diamonds is an amplifier and purifier, Topazes bring clarity like golden for creativity and blue for emotional,Rubies strengthens the will and gives courages,

To clean your crystal is to put it under the tap of flowing water and leave the crystal to dry and another way is to leave it on a sunny windowsill and let the suns light cleanse it.